About Us

Swift Response LLC

Swift Response LLC. was created by partners Phil and Alan Swift. With over 57 years in combined experience in direct sales, marketing, distribution and with revenues in the millions, these two brothers have sold thousands of specialty products direct to the consumer.

Swift Response LLC markets directly to the consumer through direct sales, direct response television infomercials, Internet advertising, telemarketing and catalog distribution. Our focus is on high performance products that are easy to use and solve every day common problems in the work place and home.

Swift Response LLC high performance products include FLEX SEAL™ – A Liquid Rubber Aerosol Coating & Sealant that coats, seals and protects every surface.

FLEX SEAL™ stops leaks fast! Liquid Rubber in an aerosol can. Sprays out as a thick liquid, seeps into cracks and holes, dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberize coating. Go to: www.GetFlexSeal.com to view our work.

SLICK FIX™ - A Super Dry Lubricant That Makes Everything Slide & Glide and Stops Squeaks, All Without the Wet, Sticky Mess! Go to: www.GetSlickFix.com to view our work.

Blast-Off™ is the fast and easy way to melt the freeze away! Blast Off™’s unique formula lowers the freezing point of water to melt away snow, frost and ice. Blast Off™ is easy to use, won’t harm your car’s paint and helps remove ice and snow fast!

Foamazing™ is the powerful foam gun that blasts away greese and grime fast!

WINTER WAX™ our special formula provides a long lasting slippery coating on the surface of snow removal equipment to reduce the friction, sticking and helps the equipment perform better. It also protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.

Phil Swift started his sales and marketing career in 1980. With over 31 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, he is a pioneer in all aspects of the sales presentation, sales training, new product development, direct response television infomercials, pitchman, Internet advertising, telemarketing, script writing and direct response short form infomercials.

Alan Swift graduated from the University of Houston and started out in sales and marketing.  Alan eventually gravitated into all aspects of the business operations. With over 26 years in business administration he oversees the day to day business operations while contributes in directing and producing each infomercial.

Swift Response LLC strives to bring the very best products that are easy to use, easy to understand and truly work. Each product we launch must solve everyday common problems in the home or work place.

If you have a great product or idea, contact us today!